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3 Considerations When Choosing The Perfect Position For Your Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. You can get a good mirror but when you place it in a wrong position in the bathroom, you will not enjoy using it. Below are several guidelines that will help you when you are seeking the best location for your bathroom mirrors.

The Location of the Door

Ensure that the door is not directly opposite the mirror. It would be very embarrassing for someone to open the door only to see a reflection of you in the bathroom through the mirror. The mirror needs to be placed in a position whereby it is only visible to people who are in the room and not standing at the door or passing in the corridors. In this case, you can decide to place the bathroom mirror behind the door. This prevents any unwanted eyes from catching the reflection of the person in the bathroom.

The Lighting

The lighting in the room plays a critical role in relation to the functionality of a mirror. When a source of lighting is placed directly behind a mirror, the light reflects on the mirror and makes it difficult for you to see your image. As such, you should make sure that no lighting is behind or directly above the mirror. Also take into consideration the location of the windows since they allow light to enter the room. This will make it difficult to see your reflection when you are standing in front of the mirror.

Additional Fixtures in the Bathroom

Numerous fixtures are usually found in the bathroom. An example is the bathroom cabinet which is used to hold drugs, bathing soaps and cleaning detergents. Having these fixtures in different locations clutters the bathroom and this affects the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. An ideal bathroom should be well-organized while also being fully functional. One way that you can ensure this is by placing all the additional fixtures in the bathroom at one central point. This can be done by placing the cabinets at the bottom and the bathroom mirror above it. In this way, all the additional components are not cluttered all over the room, which makes it very spacious. It will also reduce the movement in the bathroom since everything that you need will be located in one area.

In case you are not sure about the best location for the bathroom mirror, you can seek the services of an interior designer. Such professionals have the experience that will enable you to make an appropriate choice.