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3 Signs That You Need to Replace the Windows in Your Home

Home window glass should have a shelf life of at least three decades. However, a few problems may arise that may require you to replace your house window glass before 30 years are over. Unfortunately, many homeowners only replace their residential window glass when they are shuttered, but they leave other window glass that does not show any sign of shattering yet are inefficient. 

A window that is broken, chipped or has other problems can cause many problems in your home like making your home energy inefficient. They can also leak water or have structural damage. If you are unable to tell when your residential glass needs to be replaced, read on and learn the signs that indicate when your glass windows are damaged. 

When There Is Water Seeping Through the Glass Panels

The glass on your windows is supposed to stop water from getting into your home. If you notice water seeping through the window and into the house, you need to have the glass on both windows inspected. 

In most cases, when there is water leaking through the window, it is a sign that the glass pane is loose or is chipped, creating gaps in between the frame and the glass or on the glass pane itself. In this case, you may want to try repairing the glass. If the glass is repaired and water is still seeping into your home, you will need to have the glass pane replaced. 

When water seeps into your home, it can cause structural damage to the house, and it may also cause mould growth. Therefore, have the glass replaced the moment it starts letting water seep into your home. 

When the Glass Pane Is Always Foggy 

When your glass panes get foggy often, it is a sign that they have a gap or the window seals are failing. However, it should be noted that condensation is normal and fog on the windows is not necessarily a sign of damaged window panes. Therefore, if you notice the regular buildup of fog on your windows, have them inspected for damage. If the window seals are failing, have them repaired or replaced, depending on the extent of the damage.

When Your Energy Bills Are Very High 

If your energy bills have increased drastically, it may be a sign that your windows are not working effectively. When they are effective, they should effectively regulate the flow of air in and out of your home to complement your heat and the cooling equipment. If they are not effective, they leak the air produced by the air conditioner, causing wastage. In this case, your air conditioner will require to work for longer to regulate the temperatures in your house, causing a spike in your energy bills. Therefore, if you notice that your energy bills have increased drastically, have your windows inspected and window panes replaced. 

The windows in your home are an investment that improves your home's value. They regulate the lighting in your home, improve energy efficiency and soundproof your home. Therefore, make sure that they are always in good condition. If you notice that they are exhibiting any of the signs discussed, have them repaired or replaced, dependent on the extent of the damage. 

Contact a local window contractor to learn more about glass replacement.