The Glorious World of Glass

Benefits of Upgrading to Glass Shower Screens

If you have an old shower using opaque materials or curtains, upgrading to a sleek glass enclosure will transform your bathroom. To discover several benefits of glass shower screens, you can expect, read on.

Seals the Shower

Glass shower screens fit together using framing elements like brackets, spigots or channels. Plus, materials like silicone seal the joins between the panels and the walls, creating an enclosed space that contains water and steam. Thus, you can shower comfortably, free from cold draughts, and you won't have to clean up water puddles that escape the enclosure. On the other hand, shower curtains let water splash around the sides, and they don't contain steam so neatly.

Opens Your Bathroom

While shower screens block off the enclosure from view, glass screens do the reverse. They allow you to see beyond the shower to the wall behind, so the room feels larger and more expansive. Clear glass doesn't divide the room into two visually distinct areas.

Durable and Long-lasting

Glass showers are long-lasting and durable. They use toughened glass which undergoes a unique tempering process so that it's about four times stronger than standard window panes. Once the shower is established, it will endure for many years. You won't have to buy replacement items, such as shower curtains, constantly.

Easy to Clean

Glass screens form a solid, smooth surface that is easy to clean. Simply wipe the panels with a cloth or use a glass cleaner. The metal framing elements create crevices that can collect scum and dirt, so showers with less framing will be easier to clean. Curtains, on the other hand, grow mouldy and are challenging to clean.

Suits Diverse Aesthetics

Glass showers create a silken impression that coheres well with modern and contemporary bathrooms, but they also suit alternate aesthetics. In a bathroom with a minimal frameless shower, you could lay sumptuous tiles and install an ornate vanity and mirror to create a traditional style. You could also design an industrially styled decor by installing polished concrete flooring and combining it with rough wood cabinetry and metal light fixtures. A glass shower blends with diverse environments and aesthetics.

Thus, glass shower screens offer several advantages over other options such as curtains. They provide a more comfortable shower by sealing in steam and hot water, allowing you to keep toasty warm. They also don't allow water to leak and create puddles which you have to clean. Clear glass opens up space in a bathroom so it doesn't feel claustrophobic, and it forms a long-lasting and durable enclosure. If you want to redesign in the future, you can easily blend the new style around the shower to create different looks.