The Glorious World of Glass

Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Glass Repair

If a window or glass door in your home needs repair, you don't want to put off having this work done. Any crack or chip in that glass can weaken the entire pane, so that it can break more easily, even from heavy vibrations. Windows or glass doors in disrepair can also be letting out your heating or air conditioning, so that your utility bills spike during extremes in weather.

If you need glass repairs in your home, note a few questions you might have about this work so you know what's involved, and you know the types of repairs that may be needed.

Do dual pane windows or doors need to be replaced?

If you have double-glazed glass in a window or door, and one pane of glass breaks, you typically need to have both panes replaced. These panes are sealed together inside the window or doorframe, so that you cannot remove and replace just one and not the other.

However, this doesn't meant that the window or door itself needs replacing. As long as the frame is intact, the glass sections themselves can typically be replaced on their own.

If the window or door is draughty, does the glass need replacing?

If you notice a draft coming in around a particular window or door, it may be that the glass seals are worn away, and a fresh line of caulk around the frame is needed. In some cases, the glass may be undersized for the door or window, and it may need replacing so that it forms a more snug fit.

It may also be that the frame of the window or door has shrunk slightly and is pulling away from the home's framework; this often happens with wood windows and doors. In those cases, the frame itself may need replacing.

If windows leak, will replacing the glass fix this?

If windows leak water, they may need new caulk or sealant. They may also have cracks or holes in the glass that is letting in water, and the panes need replacing. However, this leak can also be caused by poor-quality gutters around the home's roof, so that they are not directing rainwater away from the home as they should. If the gutters overflow or are disconnected from the roof, this allows water to collect around the windows and wear away the sealant, or damage the frames, allowing in water. Replacing the windows without having the gutters inspected and repaired as needed can mean suffering future leaks, so be sure these are checked along with the windows.