The Glorious World of Glass

Simple Touches That Can Help to Modernize Your Bathroom

If you love the look of a modern bathroom, with lots of glass and metal features and details, but don't have the budget to fully remodel that room's interior, you might consider making a few simple changes that will bring in that modern look. Consider a few tips on how to do this in your home's bathroom, without making drastic changes and without breaking your budget.

Window treatments

Curtains are not usually recommended for the bathroom, as they can hold dirt that travels with the steam of the shower. Wood shutters are easier to keep clean, but these don't offer a modern look in the bath. Instead, opt for a frosted film over the glass, for privacy and for that simple and clean modern look you're trying to create in this space.

Floor and shower tiles

Warm brown tiles in a bathroom are very traditional, and won't offer that modern look you love. If you have the budget, you might replace these with a buffed glass tile. If new bathroom tiles are outside your budget, note that ceramic tiles in the shower and on the floor can usually be painted; tile paint can cover a dark colour or a traditional design, and give you a crisp white or slate grey tile that looks more modern.


Remove brass and any dark metal fixture in the bathroom and replace these with glass towel bars. Replace wood shelving units with glass shelves, or with stainless steel racks. These accessories will make the space seem more modern and updated, while still giving you the storage you need in the bath.  


Replace the shower curtain with a glass shower screen, and opt for a frameless style for the most modern and updated look. Avoid brass hardware, as this metal may be considered a bit outdated, and opt for stainless steel clamps where needed. If you do want a frame for the shower screen, choose a thick stainless steel variety, to bring in some metallic elements, along with oversized hinges and an oversized door handle.

For even more eye-catching appeal, consider etched glass for the shower screen in a geometric pattern; this will add visual interest to the glass, and also provide a bit of privacy in the shower. If you have the budget and don't often take baths, consider having the bathtub removed altogether, to create a walk-in shower enclosure. This will allow for more glass around the shower and a brighter, more modern look.