Choosing Between a Swinging and Sliding Door for Your Glass Shower

A glass shower opens up a bathroom as the room feels like one big area, with the shower space not segregated by opaque screens. Thus, the bathroom tends to feel more spacious. Glass panels also bounce light around, creating an airier and brighter bathroom. One decision you'll need to make when planning the structure regards the shower door style. Two possible options, swinging and sliding doors, are described below.  Swinging Shower Doors

Your Quick Guide to Glass Kitchen Splashback Installation

Would you like to transform your kitchen by adding a splash of colour? One of the best ways to accomplish this is through a glass splashback installation. Unlike other splashback materials, glass offers a highly reflective surface that allows light to bounce off and make the kitchen appear bright and bigger. This boosts the kitchen's functionality, makes maintenance work more manageable and improves the general appearance of the room. The key to achieving these goals is to make sure that the glass kitchen splashback installation work is done correctly.

Benefits Of Custom Frameless Glass Shower Screens

One of the most prominent features in a bathroom is the shower enclosure, so you need to take care when choosing its style. One option is a custom frameless glass design; here are several advantages of these models. Sense Of Spaciousness  Frameless sheets of transparent glass give your bathroom a sense of spaciousness. They don't create a visual divide in the room, cutting off the shower from the general room area.