The Glorious World of Glass

Benefits Of Custom Frameless Glass Shower Screens

One of the most prominent features in a bathroom is the shower enclosure, so you need to take care when choosing its style. One option is a custom frameless glass design; here are several advantages of these models.

Sense Of Spaciousness 

Frameless sheets of transparent glass give your bathroom a sense of spaciousness. They don't create a visual divide in the room, cutting off the shower from the general room area. Instead, because you can see to the wall behind, you have the sense of one expansive area. On the other hand, shower curtains or heavy frames visually block off the shower area, making the room feel smaller.

Brighter Ambience

Polished reflective surfaces, like glass shower screens, bounce light around a room, creating a brighter ambience. In a small place, this quality is particularly helpful as more luminous spaces tend to feel larger. Conversely, dim rooms tend to feel smaller. Other reflective surfaces, such as light-hued shiny tiles will further help to open up the room.

Highlighted Tiles

While smooth glass is beautiful, it's also relatively invisible. The benefit of this is that if you have gorgeous travertine, granite or ceramic tiles spread across your shower enclosure, for example, they'll be all the more noticeable without opaque screens that block the view. By continuing the same tiles across the floor, both inside and outside the shower and up the walls, you'll create a calming atmosphere. The large unbroken swathes of tiles will be free of busy visual clutter created by too many transitions and changes of materials.

Custom Shapes

With a custom glass shower, you can devise the best shape and size for your bathroom layout. You could place a square shower in a corner to save space; a hexagonal shape will trim further centimetres off the corner. Alternatively, you could install one or two fixed glass screens to create a minimal shower with the look of a wet room. One option is to build fixed panels and a door to fence off the end of a narrow room, using three tiled walls as the other sides for the shower. 

With custom options, you can create a unique design that maximises and enhances your bathroom layout. You could add frosting patterns, if your wish, along the middle sections of the panels to increase the privacy of the shower while still allowing light to flow through the top and bottom sections. 

To learn more about your options, contact a shower screen provider near you.