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Vital Tips for Glass Splashback Installations

Are you planning to install glass splashbacks in your home? In addition to allocating a budget and finding the right contractor for the job, other factors need to be considered. This blog will share vital details you should keep in mind.

Never compromise on accuracy

Accuracy is an important factor you can't ignore when you are ordering a glass splashback. If the measurements are wrong, the glass product will be rendered unusable, meaning the glazing process has to be started all over. Therefore, it's important to work with a reliable glass company when ordering your glass splashback. By hiring a reputable expert, you'll ensure all vital things are taken into consideration.

Factors like cut-outs, edge tolerance and even joins will be considered to make sure everything lines up correctly with your cabinetry. The extra attention will also ensure the aesthetic integrity of the bathroom or kitchen isn't compromised during the installation.

Get expert guidance on the glass colours, glass patterns, length, width and other effects

Any glass and glazing expert can give you sound and well-informed advice on the best glass patterns, colours or effects that should be considered for your space. Splashbacks that are free of joins are more preferred, but if the maximum length you need exceeds the standard maximum length, joins will be required. Work with your glass splashback expert, and they will find the most suitable point to place such joins and dissolve them into the cabinetry.

Most notches and cut-outs in splashbacks aren't too difficult to replicate, so your company should be able to handle everything to perfection. While there are restrictions and limitations, some workarounds can be explored. This means you can always find the glass splashback you desire.

Things such as power points and power outlets can easily be produced into the glass. Additionally, notches around cabinets are achievable as well. Note that these adjustments vary from one contractor to the other, so be sure to discuss everything with the company you hire to know your options.

What about the cleaning procedure?

Cleaning the new glass splashback is very simple. All you have to do is to treat the splashback like any other standard glass product. You may use the normal household glass cleaner. If the glass needs to be cleaned differently, the manufacturer or the contractor you hire will advise you accordingly to avoid damaging the glass splashback.

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