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4 Things to Avoid When Installing Mirrors

Mirrors can help to beautify your home if used correctly. However, some inexperienced homeowners make several mistakes when they are installing mirrors. Below are several mistakes that you should refrain from making:

Placing Mirrors Close to Your Bed

It is not advisable for you to place mirrors close to or above your bed. This is because the mirror may keep reflecting any available light onto your bed while you try to sleep. This reflected light can make it harder for you to rest. Secondly, such a mirror may make you feel uneasy due to the possibility that it can break and injure you while you lie in bed. It is, therefore, better to place bedroom mirrors in locations that do not overlook your bed.

Placing Mirrors in Direct Sunlight

Another mistake that you should avoid when installing mirrors in any part of your home is placing them in locations that are directly in the path of sunlight. Direct sunlight will cause your mirrors to become dull within a short time. Secondly, the light can cause the mirrors to crack in case the weather gets very hot. The reflected light can also cause the surfaces where it is directed, such as upholstery, to fade. Avoid these outcomes by selecting installation locations that are away from direct sunlight.

Using Too Many Mirrors

Mirrors can make a space to appear larger than it is. Some people may, therefore, wish to make their living spaces to look brighter or bigger by placing mirrors on several walls in these rooms. However, this may not be good because it may make the occupants of those rooms to feel uneasy. Guests can feel that they are being watched without their knowledge. Placing mirrors on a maximum of two walls can address this discomfort.

Excessive Exposure to Moisture

It is also prudent for you to avoid installation locations where the mirrors will be exposed to a lot of moisture. This can lead to black spots on the surface of the mirrors. Secondly, you may spend more time on maintenance as you deal with the water spots that keep forming on those mirrors. Avoid this mistake by selecting installation locations that limit the moisture that will reach the mirrors. If you are planning to use them as shower screens, asks for assistance for the ideal type to use.

Talk to an expert for advice on how to get the best installation sites that will address your needs without committing the mistakes above. You will then enjoy the full benefits that mirrors can bring if they are selected and installed tastefully.